our journey


creative discovery

We have always been inspired by the history, artistry and creativity of traditional Chinese porcelain. Each piece relays a story rich in metaphor, ceremony and cultural exchange. After work and over weekends at our kiln, we stroll the antiques markets for inspiration and visual delight. The contemporary arbiter of blue and white, John Rosselli, suggested we use the same design expertise that we apply to our new wares to bring back to our customers the best pieces we can find.

continuous exploration

The porcelains we source were made in the ancient city famous for blue and white and the imperial kilns - Jingdezhen. In the Chinese tradition, potters draw direct inspiration from designs from the past, so we choose pieces to represent the best design, regardless of age. Auspicious images that hearken to the earliest designs in blue and white from the Yuan, to the early modern wares of the Qing - each piece is just as valid a treasure as the original that inspired it.